When are orders roasted/shipped?


We currently roast online orders Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday every week (barring Thanksgiving/Christmas).

Unfortunately UPS/USPS do not pick up late enough to get every order shipped on the same day so orders ship (or are ready for pickup at our cafe) the day after.

That means an order placed Wed-Sun would be roasted the following Monday and ready for pickup or shipped Tuesday.

What about if I place an order during the day on Wednesday?


Unfortunately we pull orders and begin roasting at 6am each day so any order placed after that on Wednesday (or any other roast day) will generally not be roasted until the following Monday.

Feel free to shoot us an email if you have a specific time crunch you need to meet and we'll do our best to help where we can!

What time are pickup orders ready?


Pickup orders are typically ready by 10am the day after your coffee was roasted.

Feel free to reach out to check when yours may be available or if you have any specific needs we may be able to help with!


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