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Origami Dripper

Origami Dripper



Straight form Japan comes our new favorite pour over dripper. These drippers not only look stunning but also brew exceptional coffee.

Those who have known us for a while know we prefer flat bed coffee brewers, however, they often clog; not with the Origami! The Origami dripper has one large hole on the bottom of the brewer and fits Kalita filters perfectly resulting in the best of both worlds. If you like the normal Kalita Wave/Gino then you'll love this as you'll get consistent cups with even more clarity than ever before. 

Prefer cone filters? That's alright too as these brewers will accept V60 or other cone paper filters as well!

Available in two sizes, the Small fits Kalita 155 filters and the Medium fits Kalita 185 filters. 

Wooden/acrylic base is sold separately but NOT required for the dripper to function (it can just sit in your carafe). The acrylic base does force the dripper more level (less fussy) than the wooden version but both work similarly.