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Yamid Quinayas

Yamid Quinayas

Yamid Quinayas



Tasting Notes: Apricot, Honey, Tropical

Origin: Colombia
Farm/Co-op: Alto del Obispo, Pitalito
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1850m 
Varietal: Tabi
Sourced By: Shared Source

*Coffees are roasted every Monday and shipped Tuesday


From our importer:

Yamid and Hugo work very closely together, processing their coffee on a shared mill, and drying their coffee in a beautiful dryer that they built together using funds from a interest-free loan we extended to them several years ago. To process, Yamid first floats the cherries to remove under- and over-ripes, and then intentionally leaves cherries for an initial “cherry ferment” for 24 hours.

From there, coffee is de-pulped and left to ferment anaerobically in sealed pickle barrels for 12-36 hours, depending on weather conditions. Shared Source has left a pH meter with Yamid, and they carefully measure the pH of the coffee, washing once pH measures between 4 and 4.2. From there, coffee is lightly and gently washed, before moving to a nylon bag where remaining liquid is left to drain out a bit further for just an hour or so. Next, coffee is transferred to the new two-story dryer where it’s carefully tended to on the platforms under shade for almost a month. This dryer is one of the best we’ve seen, designed and built by Yamid and Hugo.

The family saved up and bought materials, and constructed a system better than we’ve seen on large estates. The structure provides protection from direct sunlight, but full ventilation, ensuring that the moisture leaves the bean over a slow and steady process, which helps to keep the coffee stable and lock in the quality for much longer.