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Tibe Haro

Tibe Haro

Tibe Haro



*Coffees are roasted every Monday/Wednesday and shipped Tuesday/Thursday.

Tasting Notes: Earl Grey, Key Lime, Juicy 

Origin: Ethiopia - Uraga, Guji
Farm/Co-op: Tibe Haro 
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1810-2100m
Varietal: Ethiopia Landraces
Sourced By: Catalyst Coffee

From our importer:

"Founded by Fekadu Jebril in 2010 and named for his wife, the Hana Asrat washing station is situated in the forest of Yabitu Koba/Harsu near Tibe Haro seifir (neighborhood). 510 smallholder farmers from the surrounding area bring their ripe cherries here for processing."