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Muchagara PB

Muchagara PB

Muchagara PB



Size: 8oz 

Tasting Notes: Blackberry, Raisin, Juicy
Origin: Kenya
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1700-1800m
Varietal: SL-34, SL-28, Ruiru 11
Sourced By: Noridc Approach

*Coffees are roasted every Monday and shipped Tuesday.


From our importer:

The Muchagara coffee factory came upon us as a total surprise this year. We might have cupped it in the past years, but without seeing much potential. This year, it practically jumped off the table among our bling cuppings - a standout no doubt. 

This tier of quality was expressed across multiple lots and different grades. We purchased both AA's AB's as well as PB's. 

Muchagara is from Kirinyaga, a region that is no stranger to producing excellent coffee. The factory is also part of the Baragwi Coffeefarmers Cooperative Society, an umbrella Cooperative for more familiar names like Guama, Karumandi and Gachami among others. 

Each lot consists of coffees from hundreds of smallholders in the local surroundings of the washing station (or factory). They sort the cherries before it goes in to production. The coffees are traditionally processed with dry fermentation before washed and graded in channels and dried on raised beds. The farmers are mainly growing SL28 and SL34, but as with almost all Kenyan Cooperative coffees it can be a mix of everything. Other normal cultivars are K7, Ruiru 11 and now also Batian.