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Los Lesquines

Los Lesquines

Los Lesquines



Size: 8oz 

Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Stone Fruit, Round
Origin: Honduras
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1400m
Varietal: Caturra
Sourced By: Coffee Quest

*Coffees are roasted every Monday and shipped Tuesday.


From our importer:

Finca Los Lesquines is located in Corquín, Copan, Honduras and run by Maria Elvia Villeda. The farm sits an an elevation of approximately 1,450 m.a.s.l. and consists of a total of 15 Ha, including 10 in Caturra and 5 in IHCAFE90. This washed lot is made up of the Caturra variety. In addition to coffee, Finca Los Lesquines has many shade and fruit trees, including: guama, cedar, mahogany and sweetgum. Not only do these trees offer shade, but they help attract lots of various fauna to the farm. The farm was founded in 1865 and is now in the hand's of a 4th generation family member! When they originally planted coffee, they were producing the Typica variety. But at the time, there was no market for coffee in the region. As such, they traded coffee for other crops the neighbors were growing. Maria Elvia took over the farm in 1973, with her husband Guillermo Lara, whom also comes from a family of coffee producers. They've maintained the farm ever since, and now count with the help of their son, who has helped certify the farm, as well as work to improve quality. This is our first year working with Maria Elvia and Finca Los Lesquines and we look forward to future harvests!