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Size: 8oz 

Tasting Notes: Plum Candy, Orange, Juicy
Origin: Rwanda
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1765m
Varietal: Bourbon
Sourced By: Red Fox Coffee Merchants

*Coffees are roasted every Monday and shipped Tuesday.


From our importer:

The Gatare washing station is just a few ridges beyond Kanzu, also in the Nyamasheke district, which lies between Lake Kivu to the west and the vast Nyungwe Forest National Park to the south and east. It began operating in 2003, when it was one of just a handful of washing stations processing fully-washed, speciality coffee in the country. Elevation at the mill is 1,765 masl and they receive cherry from upwards of 2,000 farmers from the surrounding hills.

Red Fox bought coffee from Gatare for the first time last year and the incredible floral characteristics, layers of sweet stone fruit, muscovado sugar, and gingerbread won us over immediately. The washing station has the capacity to process a large volume of coffee and we hope to see our relationship grow here.