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Cascara - Coffee Cherry Tea

Cascara - Coffee Cherry Tea

Cascara - Coffee Cherry Tea



This product is tea, not roasted coffee beans (but it's still delicious)

Size: 4oz 

Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Floral, Syrupy
Origin: El Salvador
Process: Dried on Raised African Beds 
Elevation: 1380-1500m
Varietal: Red Bourbon


What is Cascara? Cascara is the dried fruit skin of the coffee plant; during the process of removing the seed of this fruit (what we know as coffee beans) the leftover fruit is typically discarded, however, once intentionally dried we can brew it similar to tea. 

When brewed as tea, it produces a very syrupy bodied drink with tart floral and raspberry notes that are surprisingly refreshing even when hot. While it does not have the typical "coffee" taste you may expect, rest assured the beverage is caffeinated! 

We like to brew the tea with the following ratio, but feel free to experiment to your own taste!

20g Cascara

400g Hot Water (just off boil)

Brewed for 4 minutes.