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Harsu Haro

Harsu Haro

Harsu Haro



Tasting Notes: Peach, Plum, Juicy

Origin: Ethiopia - Guji Forests
Farm/Co-op: Harsu Haro
Process: Washed
Elevation: 2000-2200m
Varietal: Ethiopia Landraces
Sourced By: Red Fox

*Coffees are roasted every Monday and shipped Tuesday.

 From our importer:

"From deep in the forests of Guji comes Harsu Haro Forest Coffee, bringing with
it the dense sweetness of raspberry and currants and the ripe, balanced acidity of clementine and yellow peach. Believe it or not, the stellar coffees within this high (the highest in Ethiopia at 2310 masl), densely forested region in the Uraga woreda were once trucked across the border to Yirgacheffe and sold there as Yirgacheffe coffees because no one had yet recognized their distinct character. Nine years ago, before Red Fox was born, Aleco tasted the coffees of Guji Uraga and knew they were unique, second to none, and deserving of differentiation.
Now, nine years later, the coffees within Guji Uraga deserve their own differentiation.

In the northeast of the larger forest of the Uraga region lies the smaller Bire forest, a newer producing area where the trees are only four to six years old. Sky-high at 2300 masl lies the Harsu Haro washing station, where coffee goes through a meticulous process: first, it passes through McKinnon depulpers, then moves into washing channels where it loses the rest of its mucilage. It moves into soaking tanks for another 12 hours overnight, and in the morning, it’s laid on drying beds for eight to ten days.

The next step is key to Harsu Haro’s incredible shelf-life: after drying, the coffees move into the warehouse and rest for a week to condition and stabilize. After that, the Harsu Haro team hand-sort through the parchment, selecting only the cleanest coffee. Because of its incredible potential, consistently realized through meticulous processing, this coffee not only comes in sparkling, it continues to bloom over the course of the year."