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Tasting Notes: Meyer Tea, Black Tea, Clean

Origin: Ethiopia - Gedeo, Yirgacheffe
Farm/Co-op: Dumerso
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1800-2200m
Varietal: Ethiopia Landraces
Sourced By: Catalyst Coffee

From our importer:

"Led by dynamic sister team of CEO Hirut Birhanu and Manager Mahder Birhanu, Dumerso is a family endeavor that is anchored in Yirgacheffe and extends its reach to several other areas of Ethiopia. The flagship washing station is Dumerso, named for the village where it is located in the Yirgacheffe District. The family has lovingly worked in coffee for more than 20 years, in the process undergoing quite a lot of upheaval and real challenges.

Dumerso site pulls cherries from nearby communities including Dumerso, Yirgacheffe, Hafusa, Adame, and Bedessa. The cherries are brought in and weighed, notated, and each smallholder producer is paid cash for their cherries. At that point the cherries are dumped into the large cement hopper and fed into the Agard pulper machine, where they are pulped and density sorted after the fruit skin is removed from the parchment-covered seed. 

The pulped parchment coffee then ferments for 72 hours until the sticky mucilage is nearly gone from the bean, and then washed several times in water before being placed on the raised drying beds in careful layers. Days of bright Yirgacheffe sun and cool nights later, the coffee has dried to a moisture content of between 10 and 11% and it is bagged up and placed in the warehouse for us to approve it for transport to Addis Ababa, and final export processing."